Easiest the judgment could go either way but

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Unformatted text preview: may be the best and easiest to determine what is right or wrong. easiest The judgment could go either way, but conscience has the capacity of judging. Likewise, the teleological approach is more conducive to generating a sense of personal responsibility. personal 28 Defining Administrative Ethics Ethics and public service values are important Ethics elements in comprising the “body and soul” of public administration (Menzel, 2003). administration In his book Ethics for bureaucrats: An essay on law In and values, Rohr (1978) argues that regime values regime are the normative foundations of administrative ethics. are He later defines regime values as the values of the He political entity “brought into being by the ratification of the Constitution that created the American republic” (p. 59). Frederickson (1983) however calls for a renewal of Frederickson civic virtue in defining a central value of public 29 administration. administration. Defining Administrative Ethics Cooper (1991) similarly argues that public administration Cooper shoul...
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