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Of another deontological definition has been given by

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Unformatted text preview: scribe to a deontological definition of ethics. of Another deontological definition has been given by Another Jonsen and Hellegers who describe ethics as "a body of prescriptions and prohibitions, do's and dont's, that people consider to carry uncommon weight in their lives”. lives”. They proceed to state that ethics involves more than this definition. It is "an academic discipline, a systematic set of propositions that constitute the 17 intellectual instruments for the analysis of morality”. intellectual Defining Ethics Defining The interpretivist approach has a different definition of The ethics. The interpretivist is an idealist who does not subscribe The to the existence of a real, external world; even if he did, he would deny that human beings can have objective knowledge of it. For the interpretivist, a real world may or may not For exist, and real, objective standards, laws or rules may or may not exist. So definitions from an interpretivist perspective are strictly teleological. perspective 18 Defining Ethics Defining Ethics introduces...
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