Practical 26 the deontological and teleological the

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Unformatted text preview: them, makes the teleological approach to ethics easier and more practical. practical. 26 THE DEONTOLOGICAL AND TELEOLOGICAL THE APPROACHES REVISITED APPROACHES We share our human nature. We have intellects and We free wills. We have consciences. We know by nature that certain things are right or wrong. We do not need an exhaustive list of actions branded We as right and wrong. We have a sense of what is right and what is wrong after we experience an action or consider the meaning of our own or another's action. consider We have the capacity to reflect on, or assess the We nature, circumstances and purpose of a particular action. We compare it with other actions, look at alternative We courses of action and make a judgment about this activity. activity. 27 THE DEONTOLOGICAL AND TELEOLOGICAL THE APPROACHES REVISITED APPROACHES This is a process of ethical decision making. It is the This teleological approach. It may be subjective, but it is a personal process that involves the steps described above. above. In the final analysis, this process...
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