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Unformatted text preview: s right to transfer property at one’s death) is owed the government. Settle a divorce. 9 Where Valuation Resolve a dispute with a minority shareholder(Equity holder of a firm who does not have the voting control of the firm, by virtue of his or her below fifty percent ownership of the firm's equity capital) who wants out. Give an accounting auditor value basis for reporting. Determine the amount of compensation for executives, division or business unit managers, and employee­ owners. Determine whether to proceed with strategic initiatives and/or major investment opportunities. Offer fairness opinions in the purchase or sale of companies. 10 10 Types of Valuation Going­concern value is value of a company as an operating venture. This value includes the liquidation value of a company's tangible assets as well as the present value of its intangible assets (such as goodwill, intellectual property Rights, patent rights.). This type of value depends on the firm’s ability to generate future cash flows rather than on its balance sheet assets. 11 11 Types of Valuation For example, the liquidation value of HSBC, Almaty is $10 million. This sum represents the current value of i...
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