Kin Test 4 (Int Sports for 20th century)

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Unformatted text preview: ewish Olympics Jesse Owens: Enduring Spirit Jesse­Xg158Tc Jesse Owens Born in 1913 in Alabama; one of 12 children. Born in 1913 in Alabama; one of 12 children. His family moved to Cleveland, Ohio in the early 1920’s – Elementary school teacher misunderstood him and called him Jesse instead of J.C. (James Cleveland) In junior high, he began organized sport, mainly basketball and track. In 1930, he was in high school and accomplishing many feats on the track but not a single black college made an attempt to recruit him, so he wound up at Ohio State in the fall, 1933 – On­campus housing was barred for blacks – Only one movie theater was accessible – upstairs – No university resta...
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