Kin Test 4 (Int Sports for 20th century)


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Unformatted text preview: urants would serve them Jesse Owens In May, 1935 at the National Intercollegiate Meet in Michigan, In May, 1935 at the National Intercollegiate Meet in Michigan, he broke three world records and tied another. – **the most superlative feat ever accomplished in the history of the sport In July, 1936 Owens and his teammates sailed to Germany. – Mobbed by autograph seekers Hilter’s snub Long jump attempts and help from rival Jewish runners not allowed to run in the US relay Owens won four gold medals in 1936 Olympic Games International Sports and the Cold War War Politics influenced who was allowed to enter the games Presidents of the IOC had political agendas – Avery Brundage expelled John Carlos and Tommie Smith from Mexico Battle to protect “amateurism” Soviet Union had “state amateurs” Avery Brundage Avery 1952-1972 Strongly believed in the maintenance of strict amateur rules Held idealistic view about separation of sports and politics – 1968 Olympics (Mexico City) – 1972 Olympics (Munich) Arab terrorists killed Israeli athletes Commerm and the Games Commerm 1984 Los Angeles Games Very Successful Monitarily Permanent sponsorships Television revenues­$300 million Team sponsorship 1990’s – stagger the summer/winter games Adding new sports Adding new sports Increase the size of the games NBC purchased the rights to eight years of games for $3.5 billion Being sure women were represented Scandals involving the awarding of the Salt Lake City games Drugs and the Games Drugs 1968­ Mexico – too much alcohol asthma medication 1988­Ben Johnson­ steriods Blood doping – tour de France Two issues: Uneven playing field, irregular/non­existent testing of athletes...
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