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Notes 4-1-08 Learning Objectives 4 approaches that can be used to explain employee motivation and satisfaction Explain how managers can use goals and rewards to improve performance Describe how jobs can be designed to be motivation and satisfying Understanding Motivation and Satisfaction Motivation is a psychological state that exists whenever internal and/ or external forces stimulate, direct, or maintain behaviors Satisfaction is a psychological state that indicates how a person feels about his or her situation, based on an evaluation of the situation; the aftermath Employee Motivation and Satisfaction: Figure 14.1 Manager’s evaluation is #1 indicator of motivation What a manager needs to know to motivate What causes your behavior and how they influence it Managers should diagnose the situation before taking action---how can I change it to motivate more people? Managers need to look at their own behavior first, before they blame subordinates Managers who fail to discriminate have no power--- have to be able to discriminate (not in regards to race/gender/ etc. but skill/ success/etc)
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4-1-08 - Notes 4-1-08 • • • • • • Learning...

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