5 steps to time management 1 find the time killers

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Unformatted text preview: ical relaxation. Time Management The biggest barrier people have to fitness is time. When asking what a person’s excuse is for not exercising or eating healthy, they will most likely respond with “I don’t have time.” In fact, most people waste time each day, doing insignificant things. Some common time killers include: - Watching TV, listening to radio/music - Sleeping - Eating - Daydreaming - Shopping - Socializing/parties - Recreation - Talking on the telephone - Worrying - Procrastination - Drop- in visitors - Confusion (unclear goals) - Indecision (what to do next) - Interruptions - Perfectionism (every detail must be done) This doesn’t mean that some of these things aren’t vital to our survival (eating and sleeping for instance) but many people waste time doing too much of one thing and not prioritizing their tasks. 5 Steps to Time Management 1. Find the time killers. Keep a record of what you do each day and decide when you wasted time. 2. Set long- range and short- range goals. This requires in depth thinking and helps put your life in perspective. 3. Identify your immediate goals and prioritize them for today and this week. 4. Use a daily planner to help you organize and simplify your day. 5. Perform a nightly audit. Take 10 minutes each night to figure out how well you accomplished your goals that day. Time Management Skills • Delegate activities that someone else can do for you. • Say “no.” Learn to say no to activities that keep you from getting your top priorities done. • Protect against boredom, such as doing nothing. • Plan ahead for disruptions so you are better able to deal with them. • Get it d...
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