Type c behavior pattern of individuals who are just as

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Unformatted text preview: lth and performance begin to decrease. • Type A: behavior pattern characteristic of a hard driving, over ambitious, aggressive, at times hostile, and overly competitive person. • Type B: behavior pattern characteristic of a calmed, casual, relaxed, easy- going individual. • Type C: behavior pattern of individuals who are just as highly stressed as the Type A, but do not seem to be at a higher risk for disease than Type B. • Flight or Fight Response: physiological response of the body to stress, which prepares the individual to take action by stimulating the vital defense system. • Biofeedback: stress management technique; a process in which a person learns to reliable influence physiological responses. • Endorphins: morphine- like substances released from the pituitary gland in the brain during prolonged aerobic exercise; thought to induce feelings of well- being. • Progressive muscle relaxation: stress management technique involving progressive contraction and relaxation of muscle groups throughout the body. • Autogenic training: form of self- suggestion where an individual is able to place him/herself in an auto- hypnotic state by repeating and concentrating on feelings of heaviness and warmth in the extremities. Stress Management Stress is a physiological and mental response to things in our environment that cause us to become uncomfortable. Any factor that produces stress is called a stressor. These can be physical or mental. Some responses to stress include: tense muscles, rapid and shallow breathing, perspiration, and increased blood pressure. These changes prepare the body for the flight or fight response. Symptoms of stress are numerous. A stressed...
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