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Obesity limitations to exercise are produced by heat

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Unformatted text preview: lance. Obesity - Limitations to exercise are produced by heat intolerance, shortness of breath, lack of flexibility, frequent musculoskeletal injuries, and lack of balance. Emphasize exercise that can be sustained for long periods (30+ minutes). Initial goal is to increase voluntary energy expenditure and establish a regular exercise routine. Initial heart rate should be typical of cardiovascular exercise, but duration should be short, about 5-10 min a day. This can increase in 1 min increments. Diabetes - Three important tools for managing diabetes are diet, exercise and insulin. Exercise can control blood glucose, body weight, decrease risk for heart disease, and give psychological benefits. Type I Diabetics - Ensure resting blood glucose levels are properly managed. Training intensity is the same for individuals without diabetes. Perform exercise daily, for about 20-30 minutes, so a regular pattern of glucose control can be established. Get a medical examination. Do not exercise alone....
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