Use proper footwear and maintain good foot hygiene

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Unformatted text preview: Use proper footwear and maintain good foot hygiene. Consume a meal 1 – 3 hours before exercise. Avoid exercising the muscle where short-acting insulin was administered. Avoid late evening exercise. Monitor blood glucose levels before, during and after exercise. Monitor how your glucose levels respond to different types of exercise. Type II Diabetics - Exercise duration is short initially, but can increase to 40-60 min in total. Increase frequency gradually from 3 to 5 days per week. Intensity should be at the lower end of target heart rate, about 40-60%. Asthma - Ensure proper medication is carried for asthma control. Never exercise alone. Work with physician to manage asthma. Avoid exercising in cold weather. Carry inhaler while you exercise. Avoid exercising in polluted areas. Pregnancy - Short-duration, low intensity exercise is usually safe. Consult with physician when starting an exercise plan. Do not increase the amount of exercise you typically performed before you got pregnant. Do...
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