doors of durin has the text progress tokens that

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Unformatted text preview: The Card Game.) Doors of Durin has the text, “Progress tokens that would be placed on Doors of Durin are instead placed on the current quest card.” This means that Doors of Durin can never leave play as an explored location, and in order to collect its victory points players must fulfill the requirement on the card itself. Regenerate X Keyword An enemy with the Regenerate keyword heals damage from itself equal to the specified amount each round. This takes place immediately following the passing of the first player token during the Refresh Phase, and occurs before player actions. Secrecy X Keyword Secrecy is a new keyword introduced on player cards in the Dwarrowdelf Cycle. Secrecy lowers the cost to play the card by the specified value, provided the threat of the player who is playing the card is 20 or below. Secrecy only applies when the card is played from hand, and never modifies the printed cost of the card. PROOF OF PURCHASE The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game - The Watcher in the Water © 2012 Fantasy Flight...
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