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Clearly state all of your assumptions r f o e u l a v

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Unformatted text preview: 1 ) b t r a P Exam 1 ECE 559 (Fall 2009), Purdue University : s t n i o p 0 3 m e l b o r P 4 [ 0 r V E = s o g f 0 ε = ε E s g V G 1 g g V 2 n i s a e r c n i µ D s ε S µ s ) ( E 2 ) f E ( 1 d V f For the NMOS shown above, derive an flowing from are electro-chemical potential energies at the source and drain source (S) to Drain (D). terminals, respectively. The Fermi distribution function specifies, under equilibrium conditions, the probability that an available state at an energy E will be occupied by an electron. t n e r r u c n o...
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