It arises from the fact that when a voltage vgs gate

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Unformatted text preview: eally gate only should have control over determining the barrier height. But, drain gets also some control as it is electrostatically coupled to the gate. E E e t a G e d c u n d n I i a r D B n g n i ) a E r e D ( 2 c r u o r e w o r L e i r r a S ) f i E ( 1 f So due to DIBL, the electrons going from source-to-drain and drain-to-source both are (exponentially) increased. But as the Fermi level at drain is at lower potential than that of the source, the increase in the number of electrons traversing from source-to-drain is more than that of for drain-to-source. Accordingly, . t e g d l u o w ) a t r a p n i d e t a l u c l a c s i t a h t t n e r r u c e h t d Page 13 of 13 e s a e r c n i...
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