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Unformatted text preview: h plotScript1.m produce the plot submitted on paper. (b) The Excel file hwk3.xls contains data on an exact inviscid two‐dimensional nozzle design (one that does not assume 1D flow) for propane (=1.13). The file lists distance down the nozzle from the throat (x), the cross sectional area at that location (A) and the precise Mach number of the flow next to the nozzle wall, for a flow of air. Write a Matlab script, using the above functions, that (i) plots the shape of the nozzle (i.e. A vs. x) and (ii) computes the Mach number at each cross section from the area Mach number relation and plots it vs. x. Include in this second plot the Mach number from the exact design. Describe where your 1D solution is most accurate and least accurate and explain why you think this is. Your solution should include class hardcopies of the plots a printout of your function script. To get credit for this question you must include the script in the above zip file emailed in. The script must run to produce the plots submitted on paper....
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