Specifically we want the total pressure ratio p5p1

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Unformatted text preview: a hypersonic wind tunnel). Specifically we want the total pressure ratio (p5/p1) that can be produced by a shock of initial Mach number Ms (=W/a1) reflecting from the end of the tube. (Subscripts refer to the regions on the class handout entitled "Unsteady Flow in a Shock Tube".) (a) Derive the positive solution to the quadratic equation of Anderson 7.23 for the reflected shock Mach number MR in terms if the incident shock Mach number MS. Write a Matlab function to implement your solution. Include a listing of the routine. Devise and document a check to prove the routine is working. (b) Using your new function, write a Matlab script to determine and plot the total pressure ratio (p5/p1) as a fu...
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