2-7-08 roman theatre - Kmarino1@email.arizona.edu for GTA...

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Kmarino1@email.arizona.edu – for GTA kelli marino Roman Theatre/ Medieval Drama Romans definitely take in most of Greek drama/theare ideas, but add some especially in the comedies Atellan Farces: improvised comedies – planned and/or rehearsed, but NOT text/script driven - there is still a continuing practice of pagaen/religious rituals connected to theatre - a lot of plays, concepts, etc. connect or involve the people with the gods (400 BCE - 50 CE) – roman theatre main times Elements of roman comedies – started with them, but has continued up to today in development and recognizable ideas - these included stock characters and stock plots – highly stereotyped and representational groups of people - highly generalized, and easily recognizable to the crowds - particularly evident in today’s television situation comedies. - i.e. husband and wife, some kids and a dog - i.e. father characters are outside the loop, puffed up with their own pride/stubbornness – family enlightens him - always medling with children’s attempts for independence - always (evn in roman theatre) parents meddle in children’s romances - and (even in roman theatre) the wife holds power in the house - in Roman theatre – family/relationships in domestic settings, brash big military people/figures - also a lot of slave/master ideas and things Plautus The menaechmi - A family separates on different islands after a ship’s destruction
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2-7-08 roman theatre - Kmarino1@email.arizona.edu for GTA...

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