2-12-08 The English Rennaissance and comedy of errors

2-12-08 The English Rennaissance and comedy of errors -...

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- need to get tickets ahead of time, ASAP - when attending, be aware of space, audience, whether it was meant as presentational or representational Quiz 1 – next week – context of the play, he has 5 acts, pay attention to character names, settings, specifying certain characters - make sure you can distinguish between the twins - on a major level, be aware of the scenes that were between two characters where they spoke single lines of iambic pentameter - there are conclusions to make in the - those that speak in verse are the upper classes/nobility - lovers also especially speak in lined verse -differences between the play (seen in class) and the text The English Renaissance – huge anti-theatrical attitude (clergy and politicians) - this will feed the beginning of those who revolt in 1460’s it causes a divide between puritans and others - emergence of the actor-shareholder - the operation of public play houses, they gear to all specters of society, classes inter-mingle and come together - one of the reasons the clergy and politicians are so unhappy about it because they see it as bringing so many different people/ groups of people to possibly riot or to some civil unrest - used excuses like possible fire, plaque/disease spreading etc. It is a status symbol to own your own acting troupe - these live on sight with the households of the property - the troupe, who would have 6-7 plays memorized would be ready to go at any time - these were established companies under Lords or Dukes (those who were sponsoring) The solo-actors – left the british isles to sort of minstral and stroll the eglish continent - they were the favorites of European audiences for “clowning” and splendor of their costumes The renaissance period in England spans Elizabeth I (1558 -1603) James I (1603-25) - shakespeare’s career spanned both monarch’s reigns. The Red Lion inn became a theatre – very famous
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2-12-08 The English Rennaissance and comedy of errors -...

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