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comm 287 review 2 - Lecture 1 How ads work Older strategy...

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Lecture 1 How ads work - Older strategy – USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Known as the hard sell. Made famous by Rosser Reeves. - Newer Strategy – Consumer based rather than production based. Tony Schwartz and “resonance” theory of communication - Info about audience and gear ads towards them so the ads resonate (recognize) - Tony Schwartz produced LBJ’s commercial with the nuclear bombs. - Ad doesn’t mention competition or who has nuclear weapons. Goes for soft sell to deep sell. - Finds out what is in consumers minds and how ads can envoke them. Partipulation – audience participates in their own manipulation. Semiology – study of sign/meaning. How is meaning made? How do ads work? A sign is anything that has a meaning. A sign is made up of two things: 1. signifier – the carrier of the meaning 2. signified – the meaning “A Diamond is Forever” The signifier in this case has nothing, however what is signified is everlasting love. How do ads work? 1. Transfer of meaning. 2. Requires us to do more 3. We need to access to reference systems to complete the means. (code of popular culture. Lecture 2 Advertising is a challenge of propaganda. - Must decipher a code from an advertisement. Create meaning for a product. Must know what the symbols in an ad mean or it will make no sense. Some ads can not be shown because their message can remind us of devastating or unfortunate past events. - Some ads will use messages that change your self-image so you get the product. Levitra and Viagra use “upper class” individuals so people using the product will feel important. You can change the nature of the product. - A product can go from being tough to being a comedy to a lifestyle depending on the message the ad portrays. Some ads don’t even say what they do because of the nature of the product.
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- Miller lite got tough athletes to endorse lite beer because lite beer was once considered a “girly” drink. Change the connotation from weak to manly. 4 FORMATS THAT OPERATE IN ADVERTISING 1. The product information format – product equals information, focus on what the product does. Question? What does the product do? 2. The product image format – the product is a symbol and is portrayed through a setting/ different context Question? What does it mean to use this product? 3. The personalized format – product equals the person. Direct relationship and person is changed by the product. Question? How can I become happy through consumption? 4. The lifestyle format – person, product and setting are linked by some lifestyle setting. Group identity and lifestyle setting Question? Who is the person I become in the process of consumption? Who are the other consumers like me? Lecture 3
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comm 287 review 2 - Lecture 1 How ads work Older strategy...

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