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Unformatted text preview: ntezuma in the Codex Mendoza Montezuma by Antonio de Solis, Montezuma by Antonio de Solis, 1715 Díaz del Castillo on Montezuma "The Great Montezuma was about forty years "The old, of good height, well proportioned, spare and slight, and not very dark, though of the usual Indian complexion. He did not wear his hair long but just over his ears, and he had a short black beard, well-shaped and thin. His face was rather long and cheerful, he had fine eyes, and in his appearance and manner could express geniality or, when necessary, a serious composure. Díaz del Castillo on Montezuma He was very neat and clean, and took a bath He every afternoon. He had many women as his mistresses, the daughters of chieftains, but two legitimate wives who were Caciques in their own right, and only some of his servants knew of it. He was quite free from sodomy. The clothes he wore one day he did not wear again till three or four days later. He had a guard of two hundred chieftains lodged in rooms beside his own, only some of whom were permitted to speak to him. (Díaz del Castillo 1568/1963: 224­25) speak Cuauhtemoc Cuauhtemoc Cui...
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