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2/8/08 Negative responsibility The worry Williams has surrounds negative responsibility, which is entailed by Utilitarianism. (NR): If I know that (if I do x, O1(option 1) will happen, and if I refrain from doing x, O2 will happen, and O2 is worse than O1), then I am responsible for O2 if I refrain from doing x. George’s job decision: He just received his Ph.D. in chem. And is looking for a job. The job market is rlly bad this year and the only offer he gets is from a lab researching bio and chem. Warfare. George is opposed to supporting such projects and initially declines the offer. However, he is told that the job will go to a zealous war-mongering chemist if he doesn’t take it. According to (NR), George would be morally responsible for declining
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Unformatted text preview: the offer. The worry about negative responsibility-it should be acknowledged that there are some clear cases where NR is right o ex: refraining from feeding your child But in cases of George, it seems strained to hold them morally responsible for what some1 else intentionally decides to do. Friends and family:-Utilitarianism counts evry moral agent the same. Nobody, recall, is a moral snowflake, and your actions pass the moral test insofar as they promote the general happiness-So, if you devote more resources to your friends and family than you do to the general welfare, you are doing something immoral...
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