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3 species dromaiidae emu 1 species apterygidae kiwis

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Unformatted text preview: oniformes (ratites) • Struthionidae (Ostrich, 1 species) • Rheidae (rheas, 2 species) • Casuariidae (cassowaries. 3 species) • Dromaiidae (Emu, 1 species) Apterygidae (kiwis, 3 species) Tinamiformes Tinamidae Ratites (Struthioniformes) Struthionidae Casuariidae Dromaiidae Rheidae Apterygidae Aves Neognathae: Galloanserae Galliformes Anseriformes Anseriformes • Economically important – Domesticated for eggs, meat, feathers – Waterfowl game birds • • • • • • Aftershaft reduced or absent Preen gland is feathered Lamellae present on bill Young are precocial and covered in down at hatching Penis present (not in screamers) Two rather different families – Anhimidae (screamers) 3 species – Anatidae (waterfowl: ducks, geese, swans) 158 species • Fifteen tribes including: Dendrocygnini: whistling ducks (8 species), Anserini: true geese (15 species), Cygnini: swans (7 species), Oxyurini: stifftail ducks (7 species), Anatini: dabbling ducks (57 species), Aythyini: pochards and scaup (17 Anatidae Anhimidae Crested Screamer Mallard Long-tailed Duck Ring-necked Duck Ruddy Duck Black-bellied Duck Mute Swan Snow Goose Galliformes • Economically important – 24 billion chickens – Several important game birds • Medium to large, stocky fowl-like birds with rounded wings • Ground (or tree)-dwelling, good runners, most are poor endurance fliers • Most rake through soil and leaf litter for seeds, other plant parts, invertebrates • Long alimentary canals • Well-developed ceca hold microbes for cellulose breakdown • Usually no male parental care (except megapodes) • Precocial young, large clutch sizes (superprecocial in megapodes) Galliformes • Includes: – Phasianidae (pheasants, partridges and quails) 187 species – Tetraonidae (grouse, prairie chickens, ptarmigans) 18 species – Meleagrididae (turkeys) 2 species – Numididae (guineafowl) 6 species – Megapodidae (megapodes) 22 species – Cracidae (chachalacas, guans and curassows) 50 species Bob-white Quail Ring-necked Phea...
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