Bitterns solitary black crowned night heron reddish

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Unformatted text preview: hreskiornithidae (spoonbills and ibises) 32 species – Cathartidae (NW vultures, condors) 7 species (oops…) Ardeidae (herons & bitterns) – 62 species – Usually long-billed, long-necked, long-legged, long-toed – Most are shallow water hunters (fish and invertebrates) – Neck held curved back in flight (except compact herons) – Herons/egrets communal roosts, bitterns solitary Black-crowned Night Heron Reddish Egret Great Blue Heron Snowy Egret Ciconiidae (storks) – 19 species, all deliver children – Large birds, long-legged, with large, heavy bills – Upright stance – Found in warm climates (most are tropical or subtropical) – Hunt in fields, wetlands, and water margins – Diet is varied (termites to young crocodiles) – Neck straight when flying – Most species are declining White storks Wood stork Threskiornithidae (ibis & spoonbills) – 33 species – Medium-sized, long-legged, long-billed – Feed by feel • Ibises probe mud, holes, plants • Spoonbills swing open bill side-to-side in water – Most occur in open aquatic habitats – Roost together in very large numbers – Most nest colonially, usually in trees Roseate spoonbill White ibis Pelecaniformes • Totipalmate feet (also in tropicbirds ) • Distensible gular pouch (not in tropicbirds) • Eat fish and squid • Feet kick together when swimming • Chicks born without down (with down in tropicbirds) Altricial – semialtricial • Most incubate eggs by standing on them • no brood patch Pelicanidae (pelicans) • 7 species • Huge bill and throat pouch • Heaviest flying seabird (up to 15 kg) • Some hunt by scooping up large volumes of water, others dive • Water may weigh more than bird • Can take up to a minute to empty pouch • Lay 1-3 eggs, usually only one chick fledged • Chicks receive frequent, high calorie feedings • Often reach weight in excess of parent American White Pelican Fregatidae (frigatebirds) • 5 species • Long, strongly-hooked bill, angular pointed wings, long, forked t...
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