Argus - Argus Jacqueline By Andrew Field Pablo Picasso once...

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By: Andrew Field Pablo Picasso once said, “I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them.” This is a way of painting for many artists. Picasso and Salvador Dali both looked at art from a different angle than most, and their strange and unique ways of looking at things led them to be some of the most brilliant and creative artist. To take something that is ordinary and distort according to how you think it should be is what makes a piece of art original and worth looking at. On our trip to the Jule Collins Art museum the two paintings that really stood out to me were Argus by Salvador Dali and Jacqueline by Pablo Picasso. I liked these paintings because they were unusual and were different from the other pictures in the museum. Argus is very bright and colorful with a lot going on in the scene. The way that an artist views and feels about their environment usually plays a big role in how their painting will turn out, and this is especially true for these two paintings. The painting Argus by Dali at first glance appears to be a lot of different colored eyes placed on lines that curve around the center of the painting. The numerous eyes in this picture appear to be a variety of different shapes, colors, and sizes. When I looked closer I realized that the blur in the center of the painting was a peacock and the eyes were actually part of the feathers of the peacock. Although the eyes in the painting are part of the feathers they are definitely still eyes. The peacock in this picture seems to be what ties everything else together into one common object. The feeling that this painting portrays is the fact that, no matter what, you are always being watched. It seemed that the painting was intended to look this way, and until I found information on it I didn’t understand why.
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Argus was a monster in Greek mythology that was said to have a hundred eyes. Argus was the Greek goddess Hera’s favorite giant. Hera trusted it with guarding her most prized
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Argus - Argus Jacqueline By Andrew Field Pablo Picasso once...

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