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guatamala - A Meaningful Experience Andrew Field One Sunday...

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A Meaningful Experience Andrew Field One Sunday a few years ago, I was sitting in Church listening to a missionary speak about a youth mission trip to Guatemala. As the Missionary spoke I began to feel very uncomfortable and nervous. Why? I know my Mother and I could feel her excitement as she listened. I knew that she would want to go and then of course, she would want me to go also. I could hear her words before she said them. She would tell me what a great experience this trip would be because we would be helping others and we would have the opportunity to visit a new and different place in our world. I cringed at the thought. You would have to know my Mother and me in order to understand why I felt so nervous. I am not like my Mother. She is outgoing, talkative, full of energy, and always on the go. She is adventurous and she loves to travel. I am quiet, a little shy, and not as outgoing as she is. Where she likes activity, I like listening to music, playing the guitar, and hanging out with my friends. My Mother and I are both involved in many things.
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