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Unformatted text preview: t, such as fines, imprisonment and capital punishment. and Chapter 1 Chapter RIGHT VS. DUTY A right is the ability of a person, with the aid of the law, to require another person to perform or to refrain from performing a certain act. A duty is the obligation the law imposes upon a person to perform or to refrain from performing a certain act. Duty and right exist together: a person cannot have a right without some other person (or all persons) having the corresponding duty. Chapter 1 Chapter CLASSIFICATION OF LAW BY TOPIC Criminal, Constitutional, Administrative Contracts; sale, lease, employment, Contracts; insurance, construction, warranty, service, credit card, school, scholarship, utilities, phone phone Chapter 1 Chapter Tort, Admiralty, Workers Compensation, Intellectual Property, Trademark, Copyright, Patents Agency, Tax, Corporate, Partnership, Bankruptcy, Mergers & Acquisitions, Criminal, Constitutional...
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