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Unformatted text preview: rn answers to written questions; (3) production of documents and physical objects; (4) examination by a physician of the physical condition of the opposing party; and (5) admissions of facts set forth in a request for admissions. DISCOVERY DISCOVERY Interrogatories, Depositions, Record Production, Inspection, Physical Inspection of Property, Medical Exams, Admissions of Fact Expense and time PRE-TRIAL PROCEDURE PRE-TRIAL Judgment on the Pleadings Pretrial conference Summary judgment Chapter 3 Chapter Trial—Jury or Bench The U.S. Constitution guarantees the The right to a jury trial in federal civil cases involving more than twenty dollars, and nearly every state constitution provides a similar right. The parties may choose not to have a trial by jury. The jury determines questions of fact, and the judge determines issues of law. When TRIAL: JURY SELECTION TRIAL: Jury Selection — As the parties’ attorneys attorneys (or in some courts, the judge) examine the potential jurors, each party can prevent prospective jurors from serving on the basis of potential bias (challenges for cause). basis ). Each party also has a limited number of peremptory challenges for which no cause is peremptory required to disqualify a prospective juror. (The Supreme Court ruled that the Constitutio...
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