Is usually the county of residence of one party or

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Unformatted text preview: rt with jurisdiction may hear a case; often confused with jurisdiction. Its purpose is to regulate the distribution of cases within a specific court system and to identify a convenient forum. Is usually the county of residence of one party or the county where an involved piece of real estate is Chapter 3 Chapter Civil Dispute Resolution 3 legs: 1. Liability 2. Damages 3. Solvent Defendant:ability to pay/collect Chapter 3 Chapter Incident Files suit—pleadings purpose of pleadings is to give notice purpose and to establish the issues of fact and law the parties dispute. The complaint is the initial pleading by The complaint the plaintiff stating his case. The lawsuit begins when the county sheriff serves a summons and a copy of the complaint. of PLEADINGS PLEADINGS Responses to Complaint: the Answer. If the defendant fails to respond to If the summons and complaint, a default judgment will be entered against him. Pre-trial Motions: jurisdiction, venue, Pre-trial parties, statute of limitations, vagueness, no cause or right of action. Affirmative defenses, counterclaims. counterclaims. Chapter 3 Chapter Discovery (more than investigation) is the pretrial exchange of information between opposing parties to a lawsuit — includes (1) pretrial depositions consisting of sworn testimony taken out of court; (2) swo...
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