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Unformatted text preview: diction over the parties is the power of a court to bind the parties involved in the dispute. The court must give reasonable notification and a reasonable opportunity to be heard. Moreover, jurisdiction is valid only if the defendant has sufficient minimum contacts with that state. IN PERSONAM JURISDICTION IN urisdiction of a court over the parties to a lawsuit in contrast to urisdiction its jurisdiction over their property — applies to persons domiciled in that state or those who are temporarily present in the state and are personally served process within the state. the ost states have adopted long-arm statutes to allow courts to ost obtain jurisdiction over a nonresident defendant who: obtain has committed a tort (civil wrong) within the state, has owns property in the state, if that property is the subject of the lawsuit, IN REM JURISDICTION IN Jurisdiction over claims to property Jurisdiction situated within the state if the plaintiff gives those persons who have an interest in the property reasonable notice and an opportunity to be heard. to ATTACHMENT JURISDICTION ATTACHMENT Applies to property, like in rem Applies jurisdiction, but is invoked by seizing the defendant’s property within the the ’s state to obtain payment of a claim against the defendant that is unrelated to the property seized. VENUE VENUE The particular geographical place The where a cou...
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