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Oncurrent federal jurisdiction two types 1 federal

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Unformatted text preview: emark and copyright cases, suits against the United States, and cases arising under certain federal statutes expressly providing for exclusive jurisdiction. oncurrent Federal Jurisdiction — Two types: (1) federal question jurisdiction oncurrent over any case (no minimum dollar requirement) arising under the Constitution, statutes, or treaties of the United States, if there is not exclusive federal jurisdiction (2) civil suits where there is diversity of citizenship and the amount in controversy exceeds $75,000. iversity of citizenship exists: iversity when the plaintiffs are citizens of a state or states different from the state or states of which the defendants are citizens; or state when a foreign country brings an action against citizens of the United when STATE JURISDICTION STATE xclusive State Jurisdiction — The state courts have exclusive jurisdiction over all matters not involving exclusive Federal jurisdiction or concurrent jurisdiction, including but not limited to property, torts, contracts, agency, commercial transaction, domestic matters and most crimes. hoice of Law in State Courts — A state may choose to apply hoice the law of another state to a case that has connections to both states. This conflict of laws rule may vary from state to state. conflict JURISDICTION OVER PARTIES JURISDICTION Juris...
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