3.27.06 L66

3.27.06 L66 - & m archegoniu w leaf big into grows es...

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Match 27, 2006 Lecture 66: Plants  Moss Non-vascular plants Need a moist environment Very adaptable; respond quickly to changes in environment. Important Terminology Sporophyte – multicellular, diploid, produces spores Gametophyte – multicellular, haploid, produces gametes Antheridium – produces sperm Archegonium – produces eggs Life Cycle of Moss Spore   Gametophyte (archegonia)   joined by sperm from antheridia  FERTILIZATION   zygote   sporotophyte formation (forms inside archegonia, and is  completely dependent on it for survival) When sporotophye is mature, it breaks out of gametophyte and releases  Water is necessary so that sperm can swim to archegonium.  Haploid is dominant stage When you see a moss, you see it in its haploid stage Life Cycle of Fern e gametophyt zygote ion fertilizat m antheridiu
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Unformatted text preview: & m archegoniu w/ leaf big into grows es gametophyt into grow spores release meiosis Sporangium mitosis → → → → → → • First group to evolve: o Megaphyll – big leaf and o Sporophyll – spore-producing structur • Annulus – ridge of cells along sporangium (has really thick cell walls). They disperse the spores by shrinking when it gets dry. • Hermaphroditic – Has both sexual organs on the same plant • Archegonium and Antheridium develop at different time in order to avoid self-fertilization Life Cycle of a Pine • produces two types of cones: ovulate and pollen cones • both are proguced in sporangia • megasporangium produces • spores are multicellular and made up of 4 cells o prothallial cells don’t do anything o the other two…...
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3.27.06 L66 - & m archegoniu w leaf big into grows es...

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