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English Comp 1 Aug. 31, 07 Everyone has different personalities and characteristics; certain events in life sculpt each individual accordingly. One of the most memorable experiences that I have ever had was a mission trip to Guatemala. Even though I was only there for a week, I have enough memories to last me a lifetime. Another experience that I have recently encountered which affected my personality is moving out of my house. I never noticed until then how much I took for granted and everything my parents did for me. Through these events I have learned to be more appreciative and aware of everything and everyone in my life. The trip I took to Guatemala taught me how fortunate I am to have been born into a family that doesn’t have to struggle so hard to get by. I’m not from a rich family, but I have never had to worry about whether I could have something to eat when I was hungry, or medicine when I was sick. The people of Guatemala always seemed to have a positive outlook on life even though they had so little. Seeing how happy they were even when they didn’t have much really helped me to appreciate all that I have even though my life may not be what I consider perfect. I know my dad works really hard to provide for our family, but nothing compares to how hard the Guatemalan men worked to provide even a small amount of food for their families. They may not have all the opportunities for success as Americans do, but they find a way to get
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Andrew Fiel1 - Andrew Field English Comp 1 Aug. 31, 07...

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