2 x 10 8 n this can be compared to the gravitational

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Unformatted text preview: for the charges, the product Q1Q2 is negative and the force is attractive Hydrogen Atom Example •  The electrical force between the electron and proton is found from Coulomb s Law –  Fe = keq1q2 / r2 = 8.2 x 10-8 N •  This can be compared to the gravitational force between the electron and the proton –  Fg = Gmemp / r2 = 3.6 x 10-47 N Conceptual Example 21-1: Which charge exerts the greater force? Two positive point charges, Q1 = 50 μC and Q2 = 1 μC, are separated by a distance . Which is larger in magnitude, the force that Q1 exerts on Q2 or the force that Q2 exerts on Q1? Fe = ke Q1 Q2 r 2 -4.0 μC Q3 Q1 Q2 Electric Field – Test Particle •  The electric field is defined in terms of a test particle, q •  By convention, the test particle is always a positive electric charge •  The test particle is used to detect the existence of the field •  It is also used to evaluate the strength of the field –  The test charge is assumed to be small enough not to disturb the charge distribution responsible for the field We could also define a test mass m0 and use this to measure...
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