Thetimeofflightisthesameforthexandydirections 3

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Unformatted text preview: (Uniform Motion) v1x = v2x = v3x = . . . dx = vxt Vertical Motion (Uniform Acceleration) v1y = 0 a = ­9.8 m/s2 dx is the range use kinematics equations to find the unknowns in the vertical direction. The time of flight is the same for the x­ and y­directions. 3 Section1.3_Horizontal_Launching­soln.notebook September 15, 2011 Examples 1 A) A golf ball is hit horizontally from a knoll that is 12.7 m above the level course. It leaves the tee traveling at 27.8 m/s. When it lands, how far will it be from the base of the knoll? V1x=27.8 m/s d = ­12.7m 4 Section1.3_Horizontal_Launching­soln.notebook September 15, 2011 B) Find the...
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