If the consideration is a reimbursement of costs

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Unformatted text preview: re a reduction of the price of the vendor's products. If the consideration is a reimbursement of costs incurred by Dell to sell or develop the vendor's products, then the consideration is classified as a reduction of that cost in the Consolidated Statements of Income, most often operating expenses. In order to be recognized as a reduction of operating expenses, the reimbursement must be for a specific, incremental, identifiable cost incurred by Dell in selling the vendor's products or services. Loss Contingencies — Dell is subject to the possibility of various losses arising in the ordinary course of business. Dell considers the likelihood of loss or impairment of an asset or the incurrence of a liability, as well as Dell's ability to reasonably estimate the amount of loss, in determining loss contingencies. An estimated loss contingency is accrued when it is probable that an asset has been impaired or a liability has been incurred and the amount of loss can be reasonably estimated. Dell regularly evaluates current information available to determine whether such accruals should be adjusted and whether new accruals are required. Shipping Costs — Dell's shipping and handling costs are included in cost of sales in the Consolidated Statements of Income. Selling, General, and Administrative — Selling expenses include items such as sales salaries and commissions, marketing and advertising costs, and contractor services. Dell expenses advertising costs as incurred. General and administrative expenses include items for Dell's administrative functions, such as Finance, Legal, Human Resources, and Information Technology support. These functions include costs for items such as salaries, maintenance and supplies, insurance, depreciation expense, and allowance for doubtful accounts. Research, Development, and Engineering Costs — Research, development, and engineering costs are expensed as incurred. Research, development, and engineering expenses primarily include payroll and headcount related costs, contractor fees, infrastructure costs, and administrati...
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