The goodwill of 23 billion represents the value from

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Unformatted text preview: ates to purchased identifiable intangible assets and property, plant, and equipment and is shown net of associated deferred tax assets. The goodwill of $2.3 billion represents the value from combining Perot Systems with Dell to provide customers with a broader range of IT services and solutions as well as optimizing how these solutions are delivered. The acquisition has enabled Dell to supply even more Perot Systems customers with Dell products and extended the reach of Perot Systems' capabilities to Dell customers around the world. Goodwill of $679 million, $1,613 million, and $35 million was assigned to the Large Enterprise, Public, and SMB segments, respectively. Identifiable intangible assets included customer relationships, internally developed software, non-compete agreements, and trade names and other assets. These intangible assets are being amortized over their estimated useful lives based on the pattern of expected future economic benefit, which is generally on a non-straight-line basis based upon their expected future cash flows. The following table summarizes the cost of amortizable intangible assets related to the acquisition of Perot Systems: Customer relationships Technology Non-compete agreements Tradenames Total amortizable intangible assets $ $ Estimated Cost (in millions) 1,081 44 39 10 1,174 WeightedAverage Useful Life (years) 11.0 3.0 5.2 1.5 10.4 Accounts receivable was comprised primarily of customer trade receivables. As such, the fair value of accounts receivable approximates its carrying value of $410 million. The gross amount due is $423 million, of which $13 million was expected to be uncollectible. In conjunction with the acquisition, Dell incurred $93 million in cash compensation payments made to former Perot Systems employees who accepted positions with Dell related to the acceleration of Perot Systems unvested stock options and other cash compensation payments. These cash compensation payments were expensed as incurred and are recorded in selling, general, and administrative expenses in the Consolidated Statements of Income for Fiscal 2010. During Fiscal 2010, Dell incurred $116 million in acquisition-related costs for Perot Systems, including the payments above, and an additional $23 million i...
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