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Unformatted text preview: oduct category. spi2532X_appB_B1-B24.indd B-8 spi2532X_appB_B1-B24.indd B-8 1/20/12 4:20 PM 1/20/12 4:20 PM Confirming Pages APPENDIX B Dell Annual Report (selected pages) B-9 DELL INC. NOTES TO CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS (Continued) Products Revenue from the sale of products is recognized when title and risk of loss passes to the customer. Delivery is considered complete when products have been shipped to Dell's customer, title and risk of loss has transferred to the customer, and customer acceptance has been satisfied. Customer acceptance is satisfied through obtaining acceptance from the customer, the acceptance provision lapses, or Dell has evidence that the acceptance provisions have been satisfied. Dell records reductions to revenue for estimated customer sales returns, rebates, and certain other customer incentive programs. These reductions to revenue are made based upon reasonable and reliable estimates that are determined by historical experience, contractual terms, and current conditions. The primary factors affecting Dell's accrual for estimated customer returns include estimated return rates as well as the number of units shipped that have a right of return that has not expired as of the balance sheet date. If returns cannot be reliably estimated, revenue is not recognized until a reliable estimate can be made or the return right lapses. Dell sells its products directly to customers as well as through indirect channels, including retailers. Sales through Dell’s indirect channels are primarily made under agreements allowing for limited rights of return, price protection, rebates, and marketing development funds. Dell has generally limited the return rights through contractual caps. Dell’s policy for sales through indirect channels is to defer the full amount of revenue relative to sales for which the rights of return apply unless there is sufficient historical data to establish reasonable and reliable estimates of returns. To the extent price protection or return rights are not limited and a reliable estimate cannot be made, all of the revenue and related costs are deferred until the product has been sold to the end-user or the...
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