Summary of dna repair systems surveillancerepair

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Unformatted text preview: ry of DNA repair systems Surveillance/Repair System PDB # 4SKN Key Proteins Required (in E. coli — eukaryotes have similar systems) DNA photolyase [but not in humans :-( ] MGMT (methylguanine methyltransferase) O6-alkylguanine products Direct Repair Abnormal bases in DNA (mostly dU); Covalently modified bases (alkylation products); spontaneous deamination (C→U; 5-methyl-C→T) Base Excision Repair DNA glycosidases Apurinic (AP) endonuclease DNA Pol I, DNA ligase UV photoproducts and other lesions that cause significant structural changes (e.g., bulky covalent adducts) Nucleotide Excision Repair ABC exinuclease DNA polymerase I DNA ligase Base mismatches; Short deletions and insertions; Base modifications that distort DNA Mismatch Repair double helix Loss of template continuity (mostly X-ray induced double-strand breaks and certain kinds Recombinational Repair of replication errors) Methylases; MutH, MutL, MutS; exonuclease I; DNA polymerase I or III; DNA ligase Not covered in this course Note: each type of damage (e.g.,...
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