G methylguanine adducts can often be repaired by

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Unformatted text preview: methylguanine adducts) can often be repaired by multiple different systems, depending on when and where damage occurs 15 15 16 To do di erent jobs, di erentiated cells must make di erent proteins in di erent places. In addition to being semiconservative, and discontinuous, DNA replication is bidirectional — two forks diverge from each origin Hematopoietic stem cell – gives rise to most of the di erent cells in your bloodstream – and this is a simpli ed diagram! replication forks replication of a circular DNA duplex in a bacterium h p://www.genome.jp/kegg/ (Where) 17 Initiation of DNA replication (When, how often) Bacterial chromosomes can initiate replication more than once in a cell cycle. Under these conditions, each daughter cell already contains a chromosome that has been partially replicated! The circular E. coli chromosome initiates replication at a single location. This DNA sequence is called oriC. oriC is speci cally bound by a set of proteins that melt the DNA and place two “replication factories” on the DNA, facing in opposite direction...
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