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Unformatted text preview: T. M Th 19 1 (J j. ew lor Imes agazme anuary 997). Copyright @ 1997 by Kate Bornstein. . Reprmted by permission of the author, c/o Malaga Baldi Literary Agency. 402 '... r ... C t:. ( e .... L t V Some Consequencesof Racial, Gender, and Class Inequality be to protect my mother from unwanted visitorson this morning of her funeral on the Jersey Shore. "You're her daughter? So who's your father? It's not Paul, am I right?" Now there would be a piece of gossip these women could gnaw on over their next mahjongg game. "Mildred had another child," they'd say after calling two bams. "A daughter no less!And Paul, God rest his soul, he never knew." My mother was raised in a nearly orthodox Jewish household. She lived her life measuring her self-worth by the presence of the men in her life. Her father, a successful merchant, died a year before I was born. Her husband, a successful doctor, died a year before I told her that one of her two sons was about to become a dyke. She preferred the word "lesbian." "My son, the lesbian," she would tell h...
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