But this is my mothers funeral and i am devastated

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Unformatted text preview: my own identities whenever someone asks me who I am, and the answer that tumbles out of my mouth is rarely predictable. But this is my mother's funeral, and I am devastated, and to honor the memory of my mom, I'm telling each of them the who of me I know they can deal with. 'Tm Kate Bornstein," I answer her in this quiet-quiet voice of mine, "Mildred's daughter." "Daughter?!" She shoots back incredulously the same question each ofller predecessorshad asked, because everyone knew my mother had two sons. "Mildred never mentioned she had a daughter." The eyes behind those glasses are dissectihg my face, looking for family resemblances. When I was a boy, I looked exactly like my father. Everyone used to say so. Then, when I went through ~hat people would call my sex change, they would say, "You know, you look just ~Ikeyour mother." Except I'm tall. Nearly six feet of me in mourning for the passIng of my mother, and I'm confronting this brigade of matrons whose job seems to i . From e N v k...
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