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I told her i loved her hal she exclaimed satisfied

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Unformatted text preview: before she died. "Hoowahyoo, Albert?" she asked anxiously, mixing up names and pronouns in the huge dose of morphine. "Who are you?" I told her the truth: I was her baby, I alwayswould be. I told her I was her little boy, and the daughter she never had. I told her I loved her. "Hal" she exclaimed, satisfied with my proffered selection of whoso "That's good. I didn't want to lose any of you, ever." More and More Choose Surgica Ann Gerhart This is what people see when they : European beauty, ample and soft, wi sparkling blue eyes. This is what Lukesova sees when Padded hips. So a few weeks ago, she had liposu< days of her life. The 3~-hour surgel Whether it corrected her self-imageren Lukesova is 19. Teenagers and young women are and they're not just getting nose jobs: formed some 25,000 elective procedu from the American Society of Plastic a percent increase over 1992. They put sucked the fat out of 1,645. In the Washington area, home to I tuck and a new chest are just the thinl the cap and gown, at least in a certain s( seeking boomers, a Cross pen doesn't p: Roger Friedman, the head of plastic did a breast augmeI1tation on an 18-yea "She was 5-foot-9and 125 pounds, "She was graduating and wanted this do And he had done her mother's impl: At Suburban Hospital, which has a ] old gets a breast reduction and throws measure; a 14-year-oldgets a chin imp!: ger breasts, all in a week. From The Washington Post (June 23,1999) @ 199...
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