One minute the mother is dropping her son off in the

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Unformatted text preview: ver mind why. That moment changed everything. One minute, the mother is dropping her son off in the car. The next, he tells her, 'Tm gay," and hops out. He is 14. For Levy, 50, that belly-flopinto realitychallenged a lot of rules. Will wasthe first openly gay student at his tiny Bethesda private school, which has no specific policies on the issue. In an attempt to carve a comfortable space for himself, Will, now 16, met with teachers. Levymet with teachers.Teachers met with other teachers. Levy says Will's coming out made them all dissect their feelings about homosexuality. "Do you really believe in what you thought you believed in when it becomes part of your life?" she wonders. (To protect her son, Levy asked that Will's last name, which is different from hers, not be published.) Gay-rights advocates say this type of discussion is a door slowly creaking open, a departure from past decades when an unofficial "don't ask, don't tell" policy reigned in high schools and middle schools. At a recent meeting for gay Montgomery County youths, two adults leading the session reminisced about how different it once was: one man, one woman, both in their forties or fifties, both of whom married at 23, both of whom divorced,...
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