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They listened to the teenagers and then ticked off

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Unformatted text preview: both of whom realized only in adulthood that they were, in fact, gay. They listened to the teenagers and then ticked off each belated milestone in their own closeted lives, as if to say,All those years lost. Dave Grossman is a slight, blue-eyed youth with an energy and intelligence that sometimes gets the better of him. He skipped eighth grade, and, after ninth, went to Simon's Rock, a college in Great Barrington, Mass., designed for kids of high school age. Now he's transferring to American University, entering his second year of college at 15. While he was growing up, Dave says,instinct told him he liked other boys. He just knew, natural as corn. In fourth grade, he says,"I came to my senses. I was just staring benignly at the boy across from me." At II, Dave found online chat rooms and located the gay bulletin board in short order. At 12, he told his parents, because there was no reason not to, because now he . . 1a ~ knew for sure, and the knowledge pressed In on him. It was after syna...
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