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He made his album especially suited for american

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Unformatted text preview: America was having a taste for non-western music especially cuban music. ● He made his album especially suited for American taste. ● He released his album with Columbia Records allowing for increased popularity. ● His work with Max Roach, Oscar Brown Jr, and Santana helped to further his albums popularity. African Drumming & Dance in the US ● In the mid-20th century, 2 central factors brought African drumming and dance to America: (1) Immigration of Caribbean & African drummers (2) Formation of professional African dance troupes African Drumming & Dance in the US cont. ● 1930s: Asadata Dafora Horton was 1st to perform staged African drumming & dancing ● Late 1930s-40s: Katherine Dunham & Pearl Primus popularized African dancing ● 1960s: Ladji Camara came to US with jembe drum style, which became super popular ● J. H. Kwabena Nketia was a Ghanaian musicologist, followers established Ghanaian drumming at American universities...
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