Hence give the general solution of the de u x u axu

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Unformatted text preview: e give the general (solution of the DE. u x) u = A(x)u + F(x) where u(x) = u2 (x) , u1 ( x ) (b) Write the DE in component form, solve the resulting equations and 3 u4 ( x ) compare your answer+ F(xpart (a). u(x) = u2 (x) , with ) where u = A( x ) u u3 ( x ) 6. A(x) the general solution definedsystem y = Ayfunction where (x) is an Find is an appropriately of the matrix valued +u4(x) and F F ( x) appropriately defined vector valued function. 4xe x 21 A(x) is an appropriately defined matrix(x) = function .and F(x) is an A= , and F valued 1 2. Suppose that defined matrix2with an eigenvalue, 0, of multiplicity two A is a vector valued function. appropriately 3 .with associated eigenvector, v, and generalized eigenvector u. (That is, 7. Consider a commodity and demand curve 2. Suppose that A I )u = withRecall thatsupply S = 50 of multiplicity two is a matrix constant eigenvalue, ,linearly independent u satisfies (A v). with an v and u are whose derivative is given by with associated (eigenvector, v, andxgeneralized eige...
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