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Unformatted text preview: (c) Average for 2011=12.525 Average for 2010=11.25 So the trend Gt=(12.525-11.25)/4=0.31875 Forecast for Q1, 2012 is F1=(12.525+2.5*0.31875)*c1=15.43 Forecast for Q2, 2012 is F2=(12.525+3.5*0.31875)*c2=10.97 Forecast for Q3, 2012 is F3=(12.525+4.5*0.31875)*c3=7.73 Forecast for Q4, 2012 is F4=(12.525+5.5*0.31875)*c4=21.18 (You can also use average for 2011 and average for 2009 to estimate trend. Reasonable methods are acceptable.)...
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