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For example for period 1 we have similarly we have the

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Unformatted text preview: eriod 1, we have Similarly, we have: ∑. The adjusted factor are obtained using The adjusted factors are the seasonal factors we want to know. (b) First we get the de-seasonalized demands as follows: Then take the average of last 6 months: S=12.3256 So forecasted demand for Q1, 2012 is F1=c1*S=1.1581*12.3256=14.27 Forecasted demand for Q2, 2012 is F2=c2*S=0.8044*12.3256=9.91 Forecasted demand for Q3, 2012 is F3=c3*S=0.5540*12.3256=6.83 Forecasted demand for Q4, 2012 is F4=c4*S=1.4835*12.3256=18.29...
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