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5 what is the extent of reaction in the correct units

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Unformatted text preview: al conversion? 4. What is the % excess of the excess reactant? 5. What is the extent of reaction? (in the correct units!) 6. Calculate the molar composition of the reactor products (i.e. lb mole/h of each species in the product stream) b. The chlorination of methane occurs by the following reaction: CH4+Cl2→CH3Cl+HCl 100 kg moles of the feed gas are fed into the reactor. The feed composition in mole % is given as: 40% CH4, 50% Cl2 and 10% N2. The conversion of the limiting reactant is 67%. 1. Draw and label a flow chart. 2. What is the limiting reactant? 3. What is the excess reactant? Determine the % excess. 4. What is the extent of reaction (including units)? 5. Determine the product composition (i.e. mole % of each component in the reactor product)...
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