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Unformatted text preview: the celestial sphere (D) the distance that light travels in one year (E) the distance between the Earth and the Sun 13. This exam booklet is approximately one third of a meter in front of your eyes. How long does it take for light to travel one third (1/3) of a meter? (A) 1.1 × 10−6 s (B) 3.3 × 10−7 s (C) 3.0 × 10−9 s (D) 3.0 × 10−6 s (E) 1.1 × 10−9 s 14. Calculate the strength of the gravitational attraction between two 80 kilogram masses separated by one meter (like you and the person sitting next to you) (A) 4.3 × 10−7 N (B) 5.4 × 10−9 N (C) 3.8 × 10−8 N (D) 6.1 × 10−6 N (E) 9.4 × 10−8 N 15. The dwarf planet Pluto travels on an elliptical orbit around the Sun. At perihelion, Pluto is 29.7 AU from the Sun. At aphelion, Pluto is 48.9 AU from the Sun. What is the semi‐majo...
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